Nature's own numbers man

Nature's own numbers man


Computers are used to discover and recover more oil. The petroleum industry now use computers with thousands of processors to discover and recover more oil and gas.

Any technology is the culmination of a series of inventions and discoveries that took place over thousands of years. This "Timeline in Petroleum Exploration" is a snapshot of developments in mathematics, computing and petroleum engineering.

1666 - 1989
1666 Sir Isaac Newton formulates the universal laws of motion and gravitation and co-invented calculus.
1856 Henry Darcy formulates "Darcy's Law" which became the foundation of petroleum reservoir simulation.
1920 Cheap oil and natural gas becomes competitive to coal.
1920s Hydrocarbons synthesized to create liquid fuels.
1921 Ethyl gasoline produced
1928 Submersible drilling barge invented.
1932 The first independently drilled oil well.
1932 First on-shore submersible drilled oil well on the West Coast of the United States.
1934 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fillunger commit suicide in protest against the rejection of Paul's mathematical equations.
1940 First off-shore submersible drilled oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.
1946 The modern electronic computer is invented.
1960 OPEC founded.
1973 OPEC oil embargo
1989 Emeagwali invents a formula that enables thousands of computer processors to increase the amount of oil recovered from oilfields.

To achieve his breakthrough, Emeagwali rejected Darcy's Law and invented a formula that unified Fillunger's equations with Newton's Laws.

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